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Our Celebration program was uniquely designed to introduce the community of adults with disAbilities with volunteers in the local community. The purpose of the Celebration is to reach out to one another out of love and faith, to enter into relationship with one another. Our Celebrations are free and open to any adult with special needs, their families and caregivers. It is exciting to see the two populations come together and learn from one another, to bless each other and learn how to love the other well.

Paraclete Brunch

(support group for moms of adult loved ones with disAbilities)
Our quarterly brunches are designed to encourage and uplift moms who are caregivers. We gather together and share resources, share stories and encourage one another. We traditionally give out small gifts of appreciation and share a short motivational word of encouragement to guests. This not only provides a small break for a full-time parent with an adult child with a disAbility, but also equips them for the times to come.

Circle of Friends

This grassroots movement continues to reach out to the needs of many. Guests meet at a Celebration, and many times leave with a new friend and their contact information. They plan on attending the next Celebration together and begin to talk things through when a problem arises. Nothing beats the life of a community member who has a new outlook on life and humanity. Training volunteers is a priority and it allows people to discover the gifts, talents, and values every person has. Volunteers gain practical skills for engaging with people and are then given the opportunity to practice those skills.

Education/Community Awareness

We have the opportunity to go out into our community and share the gifts and impact that the people we serve had on our community. We love these opportunities because it’s a chance for our culture to rethink how they respond to people, and gain a different perspective.

Volunteer Training

It is amazing to see the transformation of our culture come to an active and engaging one, where people are passionate and compassionate for those we serve. They see familiar faces in our volunteers out in the community and volunteers who have an experience know what to do when they see someone with a disability. Throughout the year, we not only hold several specific volunteer training sessions within the county with various groups, faith communities and Sunday School leaders, but before every Celebration we gather the volunteers (between 60-90 at each) and give them practical tips and tools for working with the population we serve. We answer questions and review skill sets that may help them engage with people beyond the event, in their own local communities.

Life Groups and Bible Study

Twice a month two different groups meet during the day in person to learn how to do relationships.  They learn how to navigate the complexities of doing life together, and how to do everything from planning outings, calling/texting each other, how to be encouraging to one another, how to set boundaries, and how to work through difficult times that life throws at us, with grace and love.  These two groups are the “Sparkling Angels” and the “12th Man for God”.  These groups are led by Christiana Johnston and Darla Huxsahl.

We also have a Life Group/Bible Study that meets twice monthly on Zoom for shut-in’s, vulnerable populations, or those just unable to get out of the house.  This group is led by Megan Harrell and Darla Huxsahl.  

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If you are an adult with special needs, have a loved one, or know of someone with special needs, please contact us and send a request to be a added on to our Invitation Only mailing list. Invitations to events are mailed out 30 days in advance. Reservations can be made by phone 360.658.6093 or our contact us form.

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